Friday, April 13, 2012

Beauty: Nail Trauma

I'm having a tumultuous relationship with my nails.  They've always been short due to them peeling, which leads me to pick at them and then they end up looking like monkey's have been chewing on them.  See Exhibit A...

pretty bad...I know...let me explain.  About a month ago I got the GRAND idea to put on fake fingernails.  GASP!!! I don't do anything fake....fake cheese, fake chicken, fake boobies, fake hair.....not. me. ANYWAY....I first had tips with gel overlay put on.  They looked OK for about 7 minutes then I noticed that they weren't filed down evenly across the nail bed.  So I had them ripped off about a week later by someone else and had her put tips with silk wraps.  Those looked super nice.  I was pleased.  Turns out I'm very hard on my nails with all the typing I do and those didn't last but a little over a week and they started to lift and get ridges across the tips and then the silk fibers would be was a mess.  So I ripped those off and called it a day.  Now I'm left with nails that look like this.  Sexy right? 

3 days ago I started using Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein.  After my first application of said Formula 2 my nails were on FIRE!! Friends....let me give you a little heads up.  Nailtiques has a formula for knuckle heads like myself that have just removed their fake nails called "After Artificial Treatment"...I trust you'll learn from my experience and go for the proper treatment post artificial nail removal.  :)  

I digress ... I'll keep you posted as to my nail restoration.  Have any of you had bad nail experiences?  Do tell! 


rachiemc said...

My very first time getting acrylics, I went to a little nail shop in Orange County, the type where if you spoke the language you could definitely confirm your suspicious that the technicians are talking untold amounts of "smack" about you. Anyway... they were feeling particularly chatty with one another that day (lucky me). The part where they take a dremel tool and "rough up" your nail bed... well... they roughed it up, alright. My lady was so busy speaking to her fellow technician in their native tongue, that she dremeled right through my nail bed and into the skin on the other side. OOOWWWWIIIEEEEE!!!!

Gina said...

Hey there! Was researching this Nailtique wonder treatment that everyone's been raving about and came across your post. I, too, stupidly decided to try acrylics. My nails are soooo weak and bendy now. It's awful. I tried various Sally Hansen products - they're all bloody useless. Was wondering how you'd gotten on with the Nailtiques stuff and if it's worth ordering?

luxelifestyle said...

@Gina - Thanks for your comment! I LOVE Nailtiques! I need to do an updated post about my post fake nail reconscruction (Cue BIG UGH!). Please start with the Artificial Nail Treatment as this is the recommended route that Nailtiques suggests. Although my nails are still very short and still in the growing out process they are stronger and it seems they are growing faster than I thought they would be after such an ordeal.
let me know how it goes for you!!

Julie - EFP