Monday, May 7, 2012

Life List: 40 by 40

Everyone has heard of the movie "Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  I ran across a list on another blog "30 by 30"....which was the first time I had seen a list put together in such a fashion.  So I immediately started to compile my list. And since I'm well past 30 I put together my "40 by 40".  Since then, I've come across MANY lists like this.  What I found was that I've actually done a good handful of things that many of these folks have on their lists.  I.E. Zip Lining through the Rainforest, Visiting The Louvre, Riding in a gondola in Venice, Visiting The Kremlin in Moscow.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunities that I have had in my 37 years.  I've felt a little stagnant in the last 10 years or so so I spent a little time to put together a list of things that I've always wanted to do or dreamed about doing.  Some things on the list will certainly challenge No. 6 since I have NO IDEA where this came from but I'm up for the challenge that the Good Lord has for me.  Shall we?  Let's do this....join me?


  1. Swim with dolphins
  2. Fall in Love J
  3. Experience Motherhood
  4. Become a Homeowner
  5. Monetize my blog
  6. Start a Charity – this one shocked me too but it was such a “force” within me I had to write it down.
  7. Feed the Homeless at LA Mission
  8. Visit Ireland and kiss the Blarney stone
  9. Meet His Holiness The 14th Dalai Llama
  10. Meet the President of the United States
  11. Scrapbook the memorabilia, photographs and such I have tucked in bins and drawers
  12. Shop Les Puces Flea market in Paris
  13. Learn to sew and piece a quilt – take sewing class!
  14. Camp in a National Park (Yosemite?)
  15. Document by photograph – a day in the life of me (daily)
  16. Play Blackjack in Vegas
  17. Take a vacation with my sisters
  18. Visit Alaska and see the salmon run and see the Northern lights (might not be the same trip)
  19. Fulfill 5 Make-A-Wish dreams
  20. Master 40 new recipes (fancy cake w/ fondant, pasta sauce
  21. Visit my hometown of Tulsa, OK
  22. Learn Spanish
  23. Have a 1 year emergency fund (it is recommended that single women have at least 6 months emergency fund)
  24. Ride a mechanical bull!
  25. Wine tasting in Napa/Sonoma and dine at French Laundry
  26. Sell one or more of my photographs
  27. Display my photographs in an Art Walk
  28. Read 40 books
  29. Learn Adobe PhotoShop (Which means I have to purchase…donations accepted J)
  30. Swim in Mediterranean Sea
  31. Leave a large tip to a deserving waitress/waiter
  32. Ride in a Blimp
  33. Experience the Top 10 Train rides of North America
    1. Peak Experience: Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad –
    2. Revolutionary Railway: Ethan Allen Express  NYC to Rutland, VT –
    3. Northwest Passage: Amtrak Cascades – Eugene, OR to Vancouver, BC – - COMPLETED 6/27/12
    4. A Ride in the Woods: Cass Scenic Railroad – Cass to Bald Knob, WV –
    5. Westward Ho: California Zephyr – Chicago to Emeryville, CA –
    6. Mountain Climber: Rocky Mountaineer – Vancouver to Calgary –
    7. On the Rim of Copper Canyon: Chihuahua Pacific Railway – Los Mochis to Chihuahua, MX –
    8. Hail to the Chief: Southwest Chief – LA to Chicago –
    9. Wilderness Alaska the Easy Way: Coastal Classic – Anchorage to Seward, AK –
    10. Grand Old Time: Grand Canyon Railway – Williams to the Grand Canyon, AZ –
  34. Take a leather making class
  35. Learn Calligraphy
  36. Milk a cow and/or a goat
  37. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York City
  38. Take a private Photography lesson(s)
  39. ***PRIVATE*** J
  40. Simplify

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Candace said...

Good list! I should make a list too and we could compare. I'm pretty sure they would be very different. Interesting since we are sisters.