Thursday, July 5, 2012

Project: Hollywood Regency style White and Gold Chest make-over

Look what I bought.... a 5in Orbit Power Sander. Yep....that's right.  Some might gasp at the thought of me with power tools of any kind but I will have you know that everyone and everything is in tact.  In fact, I believe I have found my happy place.  As my neighbor told me "You look so peaceful and zen-like".  

You should know that I have never sanded or painted anything other than my nails.  It's true.  I've always WANTED to though! But was afraid of screwing it up and then what do you do? start over until you get it the way you want it!  Or pitch it to the curb like some of my neighbors...someone will want it.  :)
Sunday, July 1, 2012

Travel: British Columbia (Life List #33.3)

So...I just got back from a 5 day trip to British Columbia.  Planned in just over a week, I decided to knock out one of the train treks that I listed on my 40 by 40 list.

The Amtrak Cascades

I flew from Los Angeles to Seattle first thing Friday morning.  It was raining, its Seattle...of course it was raining.  DUH!! I needed to find myself a jacket OR an umbrella.  The hotel had an umbrella for me to use so that was nice!  I dropped my bags in my room and headed out to find a jacket and find Pikes Market for some much anticipated seafood!

Pikes Market, Seattle, WA