Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And Sew it Begins...

Happy New You!! Lets start fresh shall we? This year I'll be toying with micro blogging with the hope that it will help me blog more frequently.

Lucky you! Haha!!

So....or rather, SEW!! I'm finally doing it people!! I'm learning to sew!


Heres what i know about sewing.... I know, without a doubt, that that them there is a Singer Sewing machine.

Friends, we've (ok... I've) got my work cut out for me.

Bobbins, Binding, and Blocks (need booze) OH MY!!

My first project will be a lap quilt. Or maybe a trivet....haha!

Since I know zilcho about sewing AND quilting I found this book that I commandeered from my sister many years ago. I like it so far as it has a lot of instructional pictures and it has the step-by-step process on selecting fabrics and preparing the fabrics and tools as so forth.

I hope you join me in this sewing adventure!  I'll be selecting a pattern in the coming days... Oh! "I was at my local sewing store called "Sew Modern" and I chose a quilt pattern that was soooo was mostly diamonds and long strips (seemed easy enough I thought) and I asked the gal if that was a easy pattern for a first time quilt and she smiled and said...."No....stick with squares, large ones."  Ha!! So, squares it is!

Let's do this!

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