Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ugliest Bathroom counter Make-Over for less than $7

After staring at this HIDEOUS bathroom counter for the last 3 years I finally decided to do something about it.  I often wondered if contact paper would work. So, I tried it.  I didn't seek out any tutorials online because I wanted to figure it out for myself. it is.  

It turned out great don't you think?

- Contact paper of your choice. I chose one in a neutral light color that kind of resembled a marbley-granite that has a continuous design.  (You obviously wouldn't want to use a floral pattern) - Walmart $6.50
- Razor blade or exacto knife
- Scissors 

Here is what I stared at...EVERY morning...for 3 years.  It was SUCH a downer every time I walked in the bathroom.

Let's get started...
Roll out the contact paper and cut the length off about 4-5 inches longer than what you think you'll need.  

Carefully separate the the papers all the way across but only exposing 3-4 inches.  Align the paper and smooth out with your hand (a hard object like a ruler might tear the paper) working 1 inch at a time to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles.  You'll get something that looks like this...

Use your exacto knife and cut the excess off.  This will allow for a clean cut.  Most likely your counter top isn't exactly straight. Keep the excess for later.

The sink was the hardest part.  In fact, I redid it the following day.  I wish I had taken a picture of the process of it...but I got in a zone and forgot.  I used the exacto knife to make an "X" through the middle of the sink. Make a clean cut around the circumference of the sink.  You'll come back and finish the sink at the end.

The sides were a little bit tricky with trying to keep the paper from folding in on itself.  I worked in smaller strips (the width of the roll).  You can see an air bubble in this picture but I worked it out with my fingers.

You're going to use the "excess" strips to fill in the gaps where the paper may not have met. This is a good example of why its you should choose a paper that has a continuous design.

For the sink: cut 1 inch squares and cover the edge around the bowl.  You'll want to trim the excess because the paper will not stick to the overhang of the counter top.

Hope this has made sense.  The whole process took me about an hour.  It was pretty easy.  Probably even easier if you had two people.

So much better don't you think?


Veronica Cid said...

Looks good, but I kinda like the marble look before. I gues after 3 yrs of I see how you can get tired of it.

Kate said...

How do you prevent water from getting under the paper? Looks great!