Saturday, April 5, 2014

Nashville called...I answered....

I did it!!  I moved to NASHVILLE!!  On January 7th I hit the open road from Southern California to Nashville, Tennessee!!

The question I get most often is "Why did you move to Nashville of all places?" The simple answer is....I was seeking a more simplified a city with a good soul.  Nashville lead that list of cities. I also considered Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA or moving back to Northern Virginia.  All great cities!!

Of course I decide to move to Nashville in the middle of one of the coldest winters they have ever experienced.  The week I arrived it was 5 degrees. Regularly.

PEOPLE....that is COLD!!!

Needless to say...some coat shopping was to be had.  I went to several thrift and vintage stores and SCORED 2 vintage wool coats and a couple great sweaters and an awesome white crochet cape!

The thrifting around here is Second to none.  I will share some of my favorite stores in upcoming posts and some of the steals I've gotten.  Some I've kept for my own abode and some I'm making available to you in my Etsy store!  You can find me at 32MarketStreet.

I look forward to blogging more and sharing with you all the Pretty things in my life!

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